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Stepan Bares is back with another one entirely filmed at the “world’s best plaza”. Pretty productive year for the czech talent. Here is what Honza Zima has to say about the project:

“štěpán bareš, one of this generations brightest czech skateboarding talents, approached me this spring and asked if I would be down to film a little stalin part with him and good old VX2100. since corona breakdown resulted in having more free time up on my sleeve, we woke up early for a few times and gave it a shot.”

A new full-length video one from the capital of Czech Republic featuring Vojtech Freitag, Emil Wolan, Fanda Sestak, Matus Mozola, and Stepan Bares who is no stranger to our readers.

You may know some of these skaters from past videos we posted, especially Stepan Bares is one we love to watch.

Press play and enjoy and maybe even watch more Sid.

It was about a year ago that Stepan Bares sent us his last full part filmed mostly in Prague.

Now, 12-months later we get a follow up to that video but this time we get him and the homies and not only Prague but Split, Bratislava, Budapest & Vienna. It is great to see pockets of quality developing further and we can’t wait to see what comes after this. Enjoy!

The Czech Republic is known for quite possibly the best skate plaza in the world, A prime example of skateboarders turning a place with sour public memories to a positive place.

Now most of us have gone on a trip to the capital city but few people have wandered off the beaten path. Even if you asked the locals they said there was not much to skate in the town itself.
Well, with this part by Stepan Bares opinions are going to have to slightly shift a bit. Even though he did do some trips this part is mostly Prague based.

Enjoy the scenery and start planning those springtime skate trips.