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Good things turn… the tide turn, the solar system spins, our own planet rotates and Brian Peacock makes the rounds at some of these perfect marble plazas in China. He doesn’t do it alone though Lucas Puig, Rodrigo Teixeira, Jenn Soto, Mariah Duran and Stephen Khou joined him to create this video together. Enjoy.


For those of us that follow Heitor Da Silva, it was a wonderful thing to see him go back to Brasil!
Not only did he go on tour with the /// team but he went with some legends from the largest Portuguese speaking nation.

Felipe and Rodrigo TX where shoulder to shoulder with the kid and that must feel nice- it must feel like coming home! Norway and Brasil birthed a brilliant combination on a skateboard.


If you are into sneakers and skateboarding like we are you can’t wait to see these bad boys in action especially the mid slip-on caught is an attention grabber!

Na-Kel said it all when he said “I want to skate a shoe that doesn’t look like any shoe that I’ve skated.”