Tag: Anti Hero Skateboards

It’s crazy to see that John Cardiel is still able to skate after breaking his back and being told he might never be able to walk again. A good time to re-watch his Epicly Later’d. Other than that we love to get some very rare Julian Stranger footage and what can we say about BA, Kader, and Tyshawn? Always a treat.

Filmed & edited by William Strobeck.

Daan, Daan, Daan and Daan featuring the rest of the Anti Hero team.

That new new Anti Hero just days after their full length became available on the web.

Only a bit older but still fresh the one-eight moves on into the future.

YES! YES! YES! The world rejoices, we thought it would never come, even when we heard last year that Mr. Gerwer had been skating hard. We didn’t want to believe (because of the possible let down) but it happened. A “new” Frank Gerwer part has hit the net. It spans all those years you saw nothing and he was out doing something. The best thing is it does not contain any newer footage which leaves us hoping for another part (in ten years or so).

Photo by Captain’ Conso

After a long hiatus Andrew Allen is starting to release his stockpiled footage, a good thing for all AA fans and people that like great Cali style cruising.

Tony “TNT” Trujillo spricht über seinen Part im Transworld Video In Bloom und erklärt wieso er so ein Rockstar gewesen ist. Ein legendäres Video was so mach einen bis zum heutigen Tag verfolgt.