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It took a second (not much more) to realize why this new video by Adversitive is called Lara. At first, we thought about Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft but as soon as we scrolled down we saw the full picture, Lara is in fact, Jennifer Lara. Now, we did not know Mrs. Lara but we dan sure looked her up right away.

Her Wikipedia page told us about her Jamaican roots and reggae sound but not much more. So we did a little deep dive and found some very nice tunes.

Truth be told, one of the nicest things about skate videos is the music. You get to know so many good musicians through video parts, but as we grow older we see the repetition as well. At some point, you have heard and seen somebody skate to Curtis Mayfield for about one too many times (often to the same track.)

We say all that to tilt our hat to all the people that are setting skating to more original music. Tunes that will make you press that like button, grab a pen and paper, or your phone to Shazam whatever is playing.

Now just press play!

Once again it’s LurkNYC in the streets next to the homeless and working class people. Although I’m actually an avid fan of VX footage, I’m always impressed by LurkNYC’s HD clips that still manage to keep that certain “roughness” alive somehow.

Featuring Carlos Mendoza, Giorgio Villone, Giovanni Vacca, Grady Smith, Jazz Leep, Joey Guevara, John Shanahan, Kentaro Powell, Mikey Perdomo, Nico Barrio and Pat Hoblin.

Always nice to watch those cutty NYC spots with some classic Biggie playing in the background. Another new volume of Mean Streets by LurkNYC that is on point. Featuring Carlos Mendoza, Thomas Delcaprio, Nick Barrio, Grady Smith and more.