Tag: Cyrus Bennet

The best thing about the internet skate video revolution is that it brings us, skaters, that might not be “pro-level” but that do make you want to go out and skate.

Genesis Evans is one of those skaters, a little Alex Olson cameo doesn’t hurt either.

Genesis Evans just put out this video of some of his well-known Supreme friends skating and Dorking around the city of Angels in short L.A.

Featuring: Alex Olson, Aidan Mackey, Chris Milic, Rowan Zorrila, Nik Stain, Logan Lara, Hugo Boserup, Cyrus Bennet and much more.

Die Jungs von Bronze Hardware aus New York City kommen mit einem neuen Promo Video featuring: Shawn Powers, Luis Tolentino, Cyrus Bennet, Aaron Herrington und vielen mehr. Trash, Trend und Raw-Footy.