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This year, we haven’t really seen too many tour edits. We all know why. The Independent team went to Paris in between the first and the second Lockdown and took things serious. Maybe that has something to do with their TM Steve Forstner!? I heard he is a really serious man.

Featuring Vincent Milou, Nassim Lachhab, Barney Page, Robin Fournier, Justin Sommer, Blake Johnson, Charlie Munro, Doobie, Daan Van Der Linden, Tim Debauche & Marius Syvanen.

CHRIS PFANNER! The definition of aging like a fine wine, we need to see this part as a celebration because Chris deserves to get his flowers!

Nike SB just dropped one of their newest and most important projects of the year “Trust Fall” featuring some of the best and one of the most legendary people in skating.


Blake Carpenter, Daan Van Der Linden, Donovon Piscopo, Kyron Davis, Caleb Barnett, Casper Brooker, Karsten Kleppan, Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Sean Malto, Andrew Wilson, Nik Stain, and Stefan Janoski.

Daan, Daan, Daan and Daan featuring the rest of the Anti Hero team.

That new new Anti Hero just days after their full length became available on the web.

Only a bit older but still fresh the one-eight moves on into the future.

the letter A is the 1st letter of the alphabet the letter H is the 8th letter together they stand for Anti Hero Skateboards. 18 also stand for quality skateboarding and this collab with the swoosh brings us just that featuring Grant, Brian, and Daan in L.A.

For some, this news may come as a shock to you.. but to those lurking hard, this news has come as no surprise.
Daan Van Der Linden has joined fellow Eindhoven legend and PSV supporter Wieger Van Wageningen as a part of the Nike SB squad.

His first trip directly resulted in his welcome clip, must be nice to be that good!

Every year Thrasher traditionally send their current SOTY on a trip. Thus, this time Kyle Walker is the one to whom the honor is due, and so together with his not less well-known friends he traveled to always sunny Australia. You may expect high-class skateboarding.

Featuring Kyle Walker, Ishod Wair, Daan van der Linden, Zion Wright, Nakel Smith, Chima Ferguson, Louie Lopez, Jake Donnelly, Reese Salken, Peter Ramondetta, Matt Bennett and more.

Long long long 50-50’s on multiple kinked rails combined with a very impressive nosegrind nollie flip. Just two highlights from Kyle Walker and Elijah Berle’s VANS video that features some guest tricks from just about the whole team. Take a seat press play and enjoy!

Dutch wunderkind Daan Van Der Linden has been doing his thing and it seems to be working out quite well! Covers and colorways is all that is on this months menu for the Eindhovenaar and I don’t think Daan is complaining about that.


Volcom just released their second teaser for their new movie Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. It has been some time since Volcom has released a film focussed just on skateboarding, but the videos they put out always have been top notch. For this one they asked cinematographer Russell Houghten shine his light on Volcom’s skateboard division, a promising partnership that makes this up and coming release a must watch.

Die Suche nach unentdecktem Skateboardterrain auf der ganzen Welt geht unerbittlich weiter. In Zeiten der Globalisierung wird es allerdings immer schwieriger, tatsächlich neues Terrain zu entdecken. Volcom Europe schickte seine Teamfahrer Eniz Fazliov, Daan van der Linden, Harry Lintell und Ben Raemers somit kurzerhand in das Wüstensultanat Oman.
Es war ein ganz schöner Kampf mit der Hitze, was bei dem Trip an Footage rumgekommen ist seht ihr hier im zweiten Teil von Searching For The Shade.


Nahezu jedes Land der Welt ist mittlerweile auf der Skateboard-Landkarte verzeichnet. Der Oman allerdings ist eines der wenigen Länder, das noch nie ein Skateboard-Team zu Gast hatte – bis jetzt. Eniz Fazliov, Daan van der Linden, Harry Lintell und Ben Raemers machten sich für Volcom auf den Weg um das Land zu erkunden: Sie tauschten einige Liter Schweiß gegen eine einwöchige Reise durch das Sultanat. Hier kommt der erste Teil der Doku:

via Red Bull

Der Holländer Daan Van Der Linden ist so verdammt jung, dass man sich doch schnell wundern könnte, woher diese Boardkontrolle stammt. Grund genug ihn im Team von Vans zu begrüßen. 3:38Min. die doch stellenweise irgendwie an den jungen Grant Taylor erinnern.