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A new video from the streets of Berlin with the title KMA which is short for Karl-Marx-Allee, a 3km long vibrant street with a lot of history. This video really gives you a good feeling of how it is to skate our lovely hometown. A big thank you to Stefan Vogtlaender for showing us the video beforehand and to everyone involved.

Featuring: Yannick Schall, Oliver Reinicke, Franz Zechlin, Christoph Weiss, Tim Karbe, Finn Dejoks, Markus Schlensog, Diskotoni, Ipek Cakir, Nico Kasterke, Michel Funke & Stefan himself.

Let’s keep it as short as the name – A new one by Dan Schulz feat.: Oliver Weismantel, Sascha Scharf, Banden B, Franz Zechlin, Farid Ulrich, Sami Harithi, Dustin Bialas, Patrick Rogalski, Sascha Daley, Arthur Kiviliov, Kanya Spani, Kerem Elver, Panos Loupis, Daniel Ledermann, Lukas Bigun, Marco Kada & Tabo Löchelt.

Bang, Bang, Bänke Berlin is what dominates one’s mind when you press play and start watching the friends part in Dan Schulz’s Oh Snap video.