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Giovanni Reda killing is it, who thought that the same guy who never found out who threw the mystery water would be the guy that is pushing forward important parts of the culture. With moving images we might add, quite an interesting path that Mr. Reda is on.

Obviously, this should be about Nora but since the doc is so well made we felt like it explains itself.

Photo by Alex Papke

We are glad to be a part of Lucas Beaufort‘s “DEVOTED” documentary about skateboard media all over the globe. Next to Roland you have MJ, Skin Philips, Steve Berra, Patrick O’Dell and many more talking about the past, the now & the future.



Our great friend and supporter Lucas Beaufort has just released a new trailer for his documentary film DEVOTED. As you may know, we will be featured as one of the print media outlets and we are honored to be involved in such a major project. Lucas knows how to inform the crowds and that is why he dropped an interview and a new trailer together with the guys over at Jenkem. Enjoy!

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A great day for Brian who now doesn’t have to hide anymore. At the same time, it saddens us to hear some of the reasons why he felt he needed to keep his sexual preference a secret for so long. Let’s hope that openly being yourself at all times will become accepted sooner rather than later.

Photo by Marcel Veldman

We are guessing but this one is probably in honour of Keenan Milton and there are some definite highlights in this, Kenny Anderson is always a highlight, Vincent Alvarez is pretty great and the unexpected Brian Brown line is just straight gold but somehow the clip still feels kind of random. Random sprinkled with gold.

Nachdem gestern die neue “The Legend Grows” Commercial zum Global Launch des Koston 2 Schuhs von Nike SB erschienen ist, folgt nun das “Behind The Scenes” mit interessanten Einblicken ans Set und Quotes von u.a. Tiger Woods.

Eric Koston kann einfach alles! Egal, ob er von Securities attackiert wird, seine Tricks blind macht und dabei ein Baby auffängt. Zur Feier seines zweiten Signature Schuhs bringt Nike SB dieses amüsante Video mit vielen illustren Gästen heraus.

Eric Koston 2 Signature Modell:

Die News vorneweg: Arto Saari ist neu auf WeSC. Und so durfte der gebürtige Finne auch direkt für das Spring 2013 Fotoshooting mit Giovanni Reda herhalten. Zusammen mit den WeActivists Clint Peterson, Ray Barbee, Oscar Meza, Chris Pastras, Wieger van Wageningen, Cooper Wilt und Tony Manfre wurde in Hollywood geknipst und in der Minirampe abgeskatet.