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HUF released a cool mini portrait/documentary of Erik Herrera skating in Mexico City and talking about him growing up. We like this format. If you missed the previous episode click HERE.

While filming for his recent Spitfire part, Mason Silva went from L.A. to Houston to Birmingham to Richmond to Brentwood to DC to New York. HUF produced a little documentary about him getting clips.

Featuring Brad Cromer, Dick Rizzo, Justin Drysen, Salomon Cardenas, and Caleb McNeely. A video by Tyler Smolinski.

It is hard to understate how involved we were in the making of this video, all our staff has tricks except Danny Sommerfeld who was hurt. Some of this video was even filmed on Place trips, a lot was documented on other trips but all of it was shot during Leon Rudolph’s holiday.

The end reslut makes you wonder what he could do if he filmed full time.

Mosiac was sick of the shitty weather in northern Europe and so they took their boys out to Spain, which means better spots, better weather and sometimes even better filming. Enjoy.

Featuring Alex Ullman, Pierre Masek & Maxi Schaible

The DirtBagCrew went on a trip to Japan. Check out HUF team riders Josh Matthews, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo, Jake Anderson and as it seems, a fully recovered Austyn Gillette, shred through Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. Also featuring special guest Shin Sanbongi.

TWS Magazine spent an afternoon at Austyn Gillette’s home in Los Angeles on talking about the HUF NYC trip, recovering from his double knee surgery, and why he rides for WKND Skateboards.

His section in WKND Skateboards new edit:

Jacob Elliott Harris has two must-see skate videos under his belt and it is no secret that he himself is a talented skater. Last year at the Berlin open he placed higher than the Isle team he was filming with, we wonder how it makes the team feel when they know that he could do the line that they are trying to film with him.