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The minute that people are starting to talk about Kenny Anderson his style is always the main topic. His most discussed feature is an unseizable talent and it seems like it is even getting better with age. No wonder Kenny is always smiling. While you are at it, take a look at Converse CONS‘s new “Purple” video – out now!

AVE’s image is unchanged for more than a decade now. Not sure if anyone ever lasted that long!? Here is another video of him scaring the shit out of some L.A. streets and walls.

Wenn du in einem Van neben dem Stoner Skatepark lebst, wirst du wahrscheinlich trotzdem nicht so skaten können wie Lakai Footwear Teamfahrer Sebo Walker. Dieser Herr ist mit einem besonderen Talent ausgestattet worden, was ihn aber nicht davon abhält, weiterhin in dem Van neben dem Park zu leben. Ein Glück, dass der Winter in L.A. vergleichbar mit unserem Sommer ist.