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Elissa Steamer, Nicole Hause, Jake Anderson, Leticia Bufoni, Eric Koston & Mason Silva in Puerto Rico.

And whoop there it is, one of the best things Nike and all of its participants have ever put out!

Obviously, we had the honor to premiere the video last Saturday and we would be lying if we said we didn’t watch amidst people screaming and cheering. Enjoy!

Even though you could argue the tone of this “boil the ocean” article it still makes one think.

“Soda headband all the way on, Leticia Bufoni last week showed the rickety, seatbeltless and whiplash-providing rollercoaster that is the competitive contest skater’s emotional inner life on this, tha eve of the 2020 Summer Time Olympics. With a nearly half-full arena on its feet, Leticia Bufoni goes full Bastien on a serviceable lipslide, only to see it all torn away moments later by the fatal combo of Aori Nishimura’s rote boardslide and an opaque scoring algorithm. Such is the story of all our lives, only with less national pride and energy juice funds at stake, and perhaps bodily safety.”

Taken from boil the ocean.

Read the article in full.

This post goes out to all the fans of female Pro Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni – we know, you are out there: Today is a good day! This little clip gets you an exclusive look behind the scenes of a recent shoot the Brasilian beauty did for ESPN. Enjoy – not at work probably, as she drops all her clothes!

“We boys need to talk.” We are not really sure where this is coming from but it is a very crucial wake up call for all the casanovas in our world. Although we (as in the Boys) are definitely in superior numbers, there is no world without female effects. Shout out to Lacey Baker, Elissa Steamer, Leticia Bufoni, Steffi Wolter, Sarah Meurle and all the other girls out there.