THERE Skateboards is killing it lately. After their recent full-length video “Ruining Skateboarding” they are back with a very nice part featuring the one and only Myles De Courcy. We love to see it!

Edited by our talented friend Wesley Banford.

If you didn´t spend the last few days under a rock, you have probably seen some of the parts of this video here and there but now, finally, the whole project is online in its entirety. THERE Skateboards‘ “Ruining Skateboarding” is definitely doing the opposite that its title suggests by creating another very important milestone towards more diversity in skateboarding. It is good to see something you love change for the better.

Edited by Leo Bañuelos.

We love to see it! With this clip, we celebrate Brianna´s transition and get a glimpse into her world, being trans in skateboarding. The world needs more ROLE MODELS!

2020 is a year of openness and transformative thinking & action through education. This posthumous Loveletter is a lovely homage to one of the most important movements in our sub-culture right now.

So press play watch and learn, be an ally!