Tag: Lisbon

The Antix team went to Lisbon, Portugal to catch some Portuguese sunlight and they came back with this sweet clip. Always a good move.

Filmed and edited by Dan Schulz.

A new short but sweet clip filmed in Lisbon, Portugal by Calvin Ligono. Featuring Heitor Da Silva, Kyle Wilson, and more. Additional filming by Jack Hamilton.

Check out Roxo by clicking HERE.

Our good friend Thaynan Costa just sent us a video from Lisbon by Daniel Galli and featuring Deedz, Wilton Souza, Carlos Iqui & more. Big love to the crew and we can’t wait to come back to Lisbon.

Some beautiful work by the talented Roger Gonzalez for the always changing but never boring Carhartt WIP brand. Enjoy!

The whole Globe international team of kamikaze pilots joint together in Lisbon, certainly not for vacation.

Featuring David Gonzalez, Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, Paul Hart, and Sammy Montano.

A high-definition skate clip by our good friend Severin Strauss, who is all about quality and a high clarity grade. This video features Denny Pham, Christoph “Willow” Wildgrube & co. skating the cobblestone capital of the world.