Tag: Noah Lora

We just stumbled over this video and really enjoyed what we saw, especially that shared part starring Aaron Yant was nice! At the same time, it is nice to see that skater-owned footwear has landed well in the states, diversity in footwear is as important as diversity in tricks or board shapes.

God bless Daniel Dent and the good people of Frog Skateboards, not one but two frog heavy videos in one week it must be our lucky 7 days streak.

After “Snotjob“, one of my personal favorite filmers, Daniel Dent is back with a new Full-Length video. “World Peath” features Nick Michel, Frankie Decker, Noah Lora, Robert Blazek, Cooper Winterson, John O’Neal, Drew Verdugo, Logan Nakano, Mitch Metzger and more… Get excited.

Written by: Peter Buikema