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Croatia’s Antonio Peković not only moved to Vienna a few years back but also managed to film a full part while finding his new home of choice. He is as talented as he is underrated and we can’t wait to see more of Antonio in the near future.

More about Antonio HERE.

Athen’s Thans Panou leaves 2021 with a happy ending. Very entertaining video for Mob Griptape and a great introducing concept by none other than Chris Pfanner himself.

It is no secret that we have a special place in our hearts for Vienna, from the Turtles to Louis Marschall and Toni Donau we love to support the city that once together with Budapest was at the top of Europe. Now the power might have been redistributed but the city remains one of the best ones to skate in and even though they have the lovely Jan Federer working hard on his ABD mag it is nice to give some extra support isn’t it!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Text and photos via Yama.
Edit by Paul Labadi.

This video shows that YAMA SKATEBOARDS although never gone, yet still returned! The video stars the whole YAMA family including senior members like Muki Rüstig and Mr. Spettel! But it also doesn’t exclude some new faces like Gabs, Nele, and our all-time biggest YAMA friend FUXL! Altogether this project shows that our YAMA vibe is as seductive as it has ever been: no glamor, no fuss.. only good, quality-time skateboarding.

A new Video of so-called “Leftovers” from the Natural Born Cooler Video has surfaced. We can’t really agree with that description of the footage, because we really enjoyed the clip, which was filmed and edited by Paul Labadie.

Go check out the video, to see maneuvers by Chris Pfanner, Albert Nyberg, Nassim Guammaz and many more.

Paul Labadie ist unter anderem verantwortlich für den Phil Zwijsen Part für Carhartt und dem Camping Trip in den Alpen, mit unter anderem Sylvain Tognelli und Hugo Liard. In seinem aktuellen Showreel gibt es weit mehr als nur das zusehen.