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It has been two years since we have seen the introduction of the SLEEP-OVER brand with their first video. Since then a lot has changed, from the crew to the clothes and the vibe in general. Were the first video was sexy, to say the least, this one is strictly about the skating or as the founder Fatos Veseli said “I wanted this one to be for the skaters, the people that backed the brand”.

IN 2020 Fatos has taken the reigns and has pulled the brand closer to his own person. “At the start, I was wearing hoody’s, T-shirts and tighter pants but I was dreaming of the South of France. Driving along the coast in a cabriolet car. We needed and wanted to make those clothes to connect to our base but I wanted to evolve and project the brand to where I feel I want to be. Now we have gotten to a place where the designs and the cuts are our own. That means a lot.”

There is no denying that this brand is being propelled forward by hard work and love for what SLEEP-OVER means to the people working on it. Pascal Kurth & Gabriel Dimming worked on the video up to the moment the beamer projected the light onto the silver screen. “They have been the motor behind this video, not me. I want them to have their day in the sun, to shine for a moment, because they put it all into the video.” Fatos told me.

For people that have seen the brand grow, it has been quite the journey, but for the people in the know, it hasn’t been a surprise that the changes have worked. Their newest collection is being worn by both men and women alike. So cheers, to SLEEP-OVER and the hard work behind it, because that is the foundation of any successful brand.

Watch their first 2018 called COLOGNE here.

The city of Trier has probably one of the coolest and fun looking indoor skate parks out there and it is even better looking if you can see Kalle Wiehn taking advantage of the mentioned above.

Featuring: Kalle Wiehn, Norman Wirtz, Marvin Adlhofer, Luis Richter, Simon Reinsch, Stefan Neuhaus, Philipp Vollmar, Kevin Vietzke & Yannick Zoo.

Der Winter ist tot – lang lebe der Sommer. Und genau deswegen kommen hier mit ein bißchen Verspätung noch zwei Minuten Sommerfootage des letzten Jahres aus Köln und Umgebung. Gut Ding will Weile haben und so – zu sehen sind Kalle Wiehn, Philipp Vollmar, Fatos Veseli, Michi Niermann und weitere bekannte Gesichter… Grüße ins Rheinland!

“Put the fun back into Skating” – Nach dieser Devise war Basement Fahrer Philipp Vollmar aka Giletto, bewaffnet mit einem Benzinkanister, ein paar gut gelaunten Homies, seinem Board und Filmer Fellboy an einem der letzten lauen Spätsommerabende unter der Kölner Zoobrücke, um den Park zu rippen. Solide Lines mit dem einzigartigen Gilbertostyle sind das Resultat. Und der Fun kam sichtlich nicht zu kurz.

Filmed by F.Fellmann
Edited by Sebi Vellrath