Tag: Ryan Lee

He did it again. Louie Lopez is the kind of skater who has the skill set to easily film an amazing part in a few months and this is the proof. Someone is definitely putting in work for that SOTY trophy. This is already his second part this year and Louie probably has more up his sleeve. We are keen!

Converse CONS released a new powerful part featuring Shane Farber to promote the One Star Pro. Shane proves to us that he´s an all-terrain shredder and makes the wall-crawl-o-meter hit high here. Filmed and edited by Ryan Lee.

MIKE ANDERSON does not only own goats, he himself is a G.O.A.T.. For that reason, Converse Cons and Krooked teamed up to release a new colorway of the CTAS Pro. They took a part of their team to “Middle Earth” and came back with this really eye-pleasing video. Good job, guys!

Edited by Ben Chadourne.