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Those of you that know us have seen us popping up in Leon Rudolph’s latest edit s/o, now if you don’t know what s/o stands for it is short for shout out. I guess that is what Danny Sommerfeld is giving Leon with this behind the scenes style gallery!


Shout out to the end of summer.


Shout out to ignoring the rules of photography.


Shout out to all the cars that passed by and made Franz lose his focus.


Shout out to the next man on the come up.


Shout out to all the teachers that told me I would never amount to something


Shout out to all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustling in front of.


Shout out to all the places we travel to only to pass by in a second.


Shout out to JJ for bringing a mic to a skate session.


Shout out to ankle braces and smiling faces.


Shout out to all the prayers that were written down by sprayers.


And finally, shout out to all the people that skate second-hand grip and own a first class pet.

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All photos by Danny Sommerfeld

Text by Roland Hoogwater

About two weeks ago we went to the northern part of America. If you are an avid PLACE follower you are aware of our adventures and thus not surprised by this column’s topic. NYC was the second stop on our trip and it is a city that pops up in a lot of our brainstorming sessions. When it comes to articles, skaters, galleries, NYC is always in the mix but the thing is we never went there to see and shoot the city in our own way.

So when Danny finally got into the city he turned into Alice and fell down through the rabbit hole down into wonderland. Now to most of us NYC sounds wonderful, to say the least, but it has its downsides, it is hot and humid, it’s loud and it smells like hot trash most of the times but it is also a great place to meet people and to get stuff done the way you want to do it. So take this little taste and enjoy the “Big Apple” through Danny’s eyes.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld
Text by Roland Hoogwater


It is no secret that we made a magazine about the beautiful city of Paris. A big part of that issue was shot by Danny Sommerfeld so it was only natural that he came with us to our Paris launch event. So we booked return flights and an appartement for five days thinking that we could chill…. Wrong! The whole thing flew by in a New York minute. In the end our trip was fueled by friends and good times. In between those moments Danny managed to shoot this new series about Paname.














It’s pretty unusual for skateboarders who pick up a photo camera to shoot subjects other than their friends skating. At least that’s what we thought before we met Stas Provotorov. The Muscovite is a really good skateboarder, with sponsorship from adidas Russia, and you may remember some of his appearances in Patrik Wallner’s documentary series Meet The Stans. But when he invited us over, we couldn’t find any skate photos in Stas’ flat in Moscow. He lives there together with his girlfriend Katya and is a rising star in Russian street photography – maybe by accident, or just by walking around the city open-minded, with a good heart and a roll of black and white film.

His street photography connects us with humanity in all its forms, and in turn allows us to be and feel more human in our day-to-day lives. We sat around on his carpet drinking red wine and eating pelmenies, while Stas showed us his photo collection. Besides some conceptual series of gay Russian men in a local park shot analog on a Hasselblad, he spontaneously captures anonymous moments of beauty, absurdity, grace, and sorrow. His evocative photographs show a deeper meaning in social relations and often bring it all together in a memorable way.
These days, Stas is studying at The Rodchenko Art School in Moscow and this PLACE feature is his very first publication. He’s kind of shy, but his images tell a different story.

By Benni Markstein

Mother Homeland

Waste Container

We are open

Next stop: The Bottom





Als wir vor dem Hotel unser Shuttle nach Badalona betreten wollen öffnet uns der Fahrer mit den Worten “Living the dream!” die Tür und wir amüsieren uns köstlich darüber. Warum hat er das gesagt? Wie konnte er nur wissen? Barcelona ist noch immer ein Traum für Skateboarder – Streetlife am MACBA mit 300 Leuten, kaltes Cerveza, ein Contest in der Stadt, durch den ein längst vergangenes Mastership-Feeling aufkommt, perfekte Bodenverhältnisse, usw., etc. pp.. Vier Tage lang treiben wir uns auf unseren Boards zwischen Street League, Strandpromenade, Tapasbars, Curblines und Contestparties herum, bewaffnet mit den berühmt berüchtigten PLACE Snapshot Kameras, um das einzufangen was außerhalb des Skateparks passiert – ganz normaler, investigativer Skateboard-Journalismus eben.

By Benni Markstein & Bmin Boje