Tag: Vincent Boyom

Paris based brand Quotamine just put out their first-ever video “Didier”. It is a mixed bag by design showing extraordinary talent with Victor Campillo & Ibu Sanyang, mixed together with friends and teammates like Pierre Subra, Vincent Boyom and owner Luidgi Gaydu.

All in all a great video! Make sure you watch it in full!

A new Giddy by Romain Batard feat.: Franz Grimm, Casey Foley, Hugo Maillard & a whole lot more. Loving it!

Vincent Boyom is another one of the ever-growing group of good people we know from Paris. Last summer he and his friends Alexis Greusard and Jerome Romain spent some time in Montpellier, a city in the South of France, and came back with a soulful minute of footage.