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This was the best event since your last event together.

London Lee, Wassertorplatz, 2019

And with that introduction, we would like to welcome you to the recap video for our Wassertorplatz invitational table tennis tournament. The idea started last year after /// teamed up with us for our first ever non-skate tournament, in fact, it was a table-soccer or Fooßbal competition.

Won in style by the ever-competitive Felix Lensing and his friend that night sparked a series of ideas of which taking back our Anchor for at least one day was a part.

Mr. Lensing and his teammate after a dominant performance.
Mr. Lensing and his teammate after a dominant performance.

Now, ever since they changed our famous skate spot into a playground area we have been veiled in black and to be honest the “Platz” has changed a lot as well. When we went to shoot the trailer for the event it was literally riddled with weeds. Needless to say, the new locals had not shown it the love we had :(…

So what better to do than to return and give the place “a years worth of love” in one day! And even though the city and some of the people didn’t seem to want us there they accepted us showing up this day to celebrate the place we love.

Of course, we adapted to the changed plaza and organized a Table Tennis tournament as well as 2 best trick sessions, recreating the rooftop ledge especially for this occasion.

The people came out and celebrate we did and truth be told the platz, the cops and the people living around wtp the place all showed up (the cops blessed us by not showing up) and celebrated with us.

A very special thank you goes out to adidas Skateboarding!

Enjoy the video and we hope to all see you at our next competition.

Read all about the loss of Wassertorplatz as a skate spot here.

We would like to say Fuck You Dan Schulz, Fuck you for making us miss Wassertorplatz and Fuck you for posting this right when the weather is getting good! Lord knows what we would give for a nice little WTP session, maybe we should drive by and pour one out R.I.P.

On the other hand, We love you, Dan! We love you because you gave us some good and new Roland Hirsch footy! Hirschi’s footy can make you thirsty, it can make you stop by the corner store to get beer on the way to work, it can turn you into Dustin Dollin when you really want to be Andrew Reynolds. You catch my drift watch this thing!

Auf dem eest-co.tumblr von Nico Kasterke finden sich zeitlose Bilder mit interessantem Auge geschossen. Nico, früher selbst Praktikant bei der PLACE, hält es schlicht und lädt lieber ein Bild weniger als mehr auf seine Seite, die dafür das besondere Etwas transportieren.

Nino, Polendenkmal

Glenn, BS Flip Lichtenberg

Merlin, Hamburg

Basti, Kickflip Hamburg


Yannick, Wassertorplatz Kreuzberg

Giorgio Armani